Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wei East 8th Wonder Balm...32 uses in one!

I know I carry around way too many products in my purse and make up bag and have always felt like a do it all product was just a fantasy... but Wei East has a product called 8th Wonder Rescue Remedies, it has 32 uses! It is reasonably priced at $19.50 for as many uses as it has! I stumbled across this product in the May issue of fitness magazine and just had to share the excitement with all of you!

Check out what Wei East has to say about the product and all 32 uses!

"8th Wonder Rescue Remedies is a medicinal multitasking maven of a product. providing big things come in small packages, this tiny tin contains a balm boasting an impressive combination of 8 potent Chinese herbs which provide relief and mitigate an array of skin woes. "

1. Instantly Soothes Dry Lips
2. Conditioning Lip Treatment for Long Term Benefit
3. Hair Smoother (use as styling gel or pomade)
4. Hair Gloss to provide an instant shine to dry hair
5. Dry Scalp needs (dab on scalp patches to prevent flakes)
6. Anti-Frizz Treatment (tame wild hair on humid or rainy days)
7. Deep Conditioning for Split Ends (apply small amount to ends before bed and wash out in morning
8. Eyebrow Tamer (use as styling wax and stroke brows into place)
9. Mustache Tamer (use as styling wax and brush into place)
10. Soothes dry patches from head-to-toe including:
11. Face
12. Elbows
13. Knees
14. Feet
15. Heels
16. Toes
17. Hands
18. Cuticles
19. Hang nails
20. Ears
21. Nail Conditioning treatment
22. Pressure Point Massage Balm
23. Pressure Point Aromatherapy Mood treatment
24. Soothes Wind burned cheeks and nose
25. Soothes chapped skin
26. Heals irritated areas
27. Soothes minor burns
28. Stop bleeding from minor nicks ( dab on to stop the bleeding from most small cuts ex: shaving nicks)
29. Stop itch from mosquito/bug bites
30. Soothes painful blisters on your feet (dab gently onto blister and then allow to air dry)
31. Soothes irritated areas under nose when you have a cold ( creates a barrier for moisture and tissue use)
32. Before dying hair outline hairline with balm to prevent the dye from discoloring your skin


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