Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Celebrity Secrets to a Flawless Fake Tan

The sun is shinning and we can't all be outside catching rays...some of us are stuck in the office all day (like me...boo)...and we don't want to risk getting skin cancer! So to keep up with all the bronzed babes out there we sometimes have to turn to the wonderful creation of self tanning. We all know most celebs have the best faux tan out there so check out some of their secrets for bronzed bods...

Heidi Klum
" When I need to look sunkissed, I get a spray tan from Jimmy Jimmy Coco and top it off with Bare Bronze Moisturizing Body Oil by Victoria Secret!"

Kim Kardashian
" First I use a body scrub all over in the shower. I like Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash- it has burnt brown sugar."

Molly Sims
"I use Jergens Natural Glow when I want to add a little color."

Lindsay Lohan
" I start off applying self tanner at my feet, then work my way up. Have fun and do it with a friend-after all, you need someone to do your back!"

Source: Celebrity Beauty Buzz


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