Friday, May 29, 2009

Liv Tyler Beauty Must Haves

Sure being the daughter of Rock royalty may help but Liv Tyler is a true beauty! She is blessed with her fathers lips...what girl wouldn't want those! Here are her go to products...

Botot Toothpaste
" My dad taught me about having healthy chompers. And this toothpaste is delicious."

Rodin Face Oil
"I put three drops in my palms and rub it all over my face before bed."

Givenchy Pop Gloss Crystal in Moving Plum
"I press it into my lips like a stain to really make the color last."

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
"I've used this my whole life whenever I get a pimple. It's amazing."

Givenchy Black for Light Mask
"It makes my skin sparkly and fresh. The tiny containers are perfect for traveling."

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Moisture Velvet Shampoo
"I'm such a hair nerd-always trying different products. This is what I'm using now."

Source: Beauty and Fitness

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale...Free Shipping

Yes I am addicted to everything Victoria Secret! I am obsessed with their Pink collection, I love their lotions and body washes, and I can't get enough of their bras and panties :) Oh and I seriously have at least 10 bathing suites. Well it's Semi Annual time and Victoria Secret is offering Free Shipping today only! And if you have ordered anything from them before you know shipping prices are sky high! So take advantage!

Keeping Up with Kim Kardashian...

I don't know about you but I think Kim Kardashian is BEAUTIFUL! I guess I have a bit of a girl crush...but how can't you she always has great hair, skin and perfect makeup! And I have been desperately wanting to know some of her beauty secrets...well I stumbled across an interview she did with the blog Spoiled Pretty and Kim shares some of her beauty and fashion secrets as well as her favorite beauty products!

How to get Kim K skin?
Kim says she loves using CellCeuticals Skin Care products, and she makes sure to moisturize all of the time!

How to get Kim K hair?
Kim says " I always change my shampoos and conditioners, anything from Finesse to Pantene. I also don't wash my hair everyday so that it stays thick and healthy."

What is Kim K's daily beauty routine?
Kim says " If I'm having a casual day, i put on tinted moisturizer and some blush and I'm ready!"

Kim K's #1 Beauty secret!?!?
She always makes sure to use a MAC wipe or an Oil of Olay facial cloth to wipe off all of her makeup before she goes to bed!

How to get Kim K lips?
Kim says " My favorite lipstick is NARS Belle DeJour- it's the perfect nude! My favorite lip liner is MAC Stripdown and I love MAC Gloss in Instant Gold.

Click here to read the entire interview: Spoiled Pretty Exclusive Interview with Kim K

For more on Kim Kardashian check out her website!

Source: Spoiled Pretty

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Clean and Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub...


So I was looking for an exfoliator and stumbled across Clean and Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub. It was also a Self Magazine Beauty and Health Winner in 2008, so I figured it had to be worth a try. It is reasonably priced at about $5.00 so....

What Clean and Clear says:


New! CLEAN & CLEAR® Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub is designed to invigorate skin by cleansing pores deep down and gently exfoliating surface skin. The CLEAN & CLEAR® Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub provides a tingly, cooling sensation as you gently massage the scrub on skin — the unmistakable, revitalizing feeling of a deep cleansing action.


The CLEAN & CLEAR® Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub cleanses deep down into pores, working to dissolve dirt, oil and impurities while exfoliating dead skin cells. The oil-free, refreshing formula includes: unique cooling agents that leave skin looking and feeling revitalized, a blend of specially sized micro-beads for gentle, effective exfoliation and cleansing, and Menthol to instantly rejuvenate skin

What I say:

Sure it gave me a fresh clean feeling and a nice tingle as well! But it didn't work that great fighting breakouts and blackheads. I'm not sure how great it did at exfoliating either. It has tiny micro beads used to exfoliate but they are gels so you don't feel like you are getting a deep down scrub. This is just my opinion...but if you are looking for a good exfoliator to stop break outs I would skip on this one. But if you are looking for a fresh clean feeling and a wake up in the am then this one is for you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ivanka Trump's Beauty Essentials

Sure she is Donald Trump's daughter and I wouldn't exactly call him a hunk but Ivanka Trump is with out a doubt Beautiful!

Ivanka Trump states her essentials are:
  • Eve Lom TLC Face Cream
  • Chapstick
  • Hot Stone Massages
Wow pretty simple...that makes her even more beautiful! Yes I envy her...

She says Eve Lom face cream is amazing...a must have. And for the hot stone massages she says "There is nothing that relaxes me more than a hot stone massage."

Source: Beauty and Fitness Blog

20% off at Smashbox...

Smashbox Cosmetics is offering 20% off and free standard shipping now until May 29th!

Herbal Essences Degunkify Deep Cleaning Shampoo...

I am just finsihing up my bottle of Herbal Essences Degunkify Deep Cleaning Shampoo and I wanted to share my experince with all of you :)

What Herbal Essences Says:

"Who needs a lot of extra baggage? lose the leftover gunk and ick of gels and sprays with my deep cleaning shampoo. clear your head with my invigorating, tingling suds made with a fusion of icy pineapple & cotton leaf. are you ready to squeak?"
What I say:

This Shampoo definatley left my hair feeling squeaky clean but I wasn't feeling much of a tingly sensation every time I used it. If I really scrubbed hard and built up a lots of bubbles on my scalp and kept at that for a couple minutes then I felt the rush of tingles. But otherwise...nothing! So I was a little disapointed in that but overall it cleans you hair wonderfully! I had no problem getting the product build up out of my hair! And I use alot of products! It's priced reasonably as well usually between $4.00-$5.00

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lipgloss Break Giveaway...Lancome's Magnifique Eau de Toilette

"This spicy, floral, woody fragrance is an intoxicating scent perfect for a summer's night out, which is what is portrayed in it's new commercial, featuring Anne Hathaway!"

Click here to enter... Lancome's Magnifique Eau de Toilette Giveaway

Source: LipGloss Break

Skinny Jeans Causing Numbness in Legs

Of course Beauty is a pain but when it comes down to your health that's a bit of a different story! Many people are reporting numbness in their legs that doctors are linking to wearing too tight of jeans...
Read this article posted on MSN about the symptoms and causes that are leading to nerve damage!

Skinny jeans give thigh nerve a painful pinch

Thursday, May 21, 2009

$1 Flip Flops at Old Navy!!

For 1 Day only Old Navy has a sale on Flip Flops....for $1 a pair!!!
Sales takes place this Saturday May 23rd...Boo I'm going to be up north for memorial day and am going to miss it...pick some up for me!! I wear an 8 ;)

How Often Should You Shampoo Your Hair???

Do you wonder how often you should shampoo? “It all depends on your scalp,” says Dr. Heidi A. Waldorf, director of laser and cosmetic dermatology at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center. “If it’s oily, or if you have dandruff or other issues, washing daily may be helpful. You also may want to shampoo more in summer. Otherwise, you can probably get away with as little as once a week.” To keep hair looking great between washes, celebs like Blake Lively use Oscar Blandi’s Pronto dry shampoo. Or like I have mentioned before Psssst works great too! Check out my past blog about it!

Source: People Style Watch, and Beauty and Fitness Addict

10 Beauty Mistakes That Add Years To Your Look...

Age already takes a toll on our beauty routine but that is something that is out of control. If there was a fountain of youth of course women would be the first to find it. So make sure your beauty habits are on top of their game!

Allure Magazine complied a list of 10 Habits many women are guilty of that can make you look older. For tips on how to correct those habits click here...10 Beauty Mistakes That Add 10 Years

1. Thick foundation
2. Base that is too light
3. Heavy concealer on dark circles
4. Face powder on top of lines
5. Blush on the apples of the cheeks
6. Lipstick that migrates
7. Major Lipstick
8. Mascara on lower lashes (this is true for once you start to have fine lines around the eyes)
9. Eyeliner on the lower lashes
10. Sparkly shadow on the outer corners of the eyes

Source: Allure Magazine
Photo: Allure

Brit got her body back!

Sure Britney Spears has gone through a roller coaster ride through life the past few years but this last year sure has done a body good! Since changing up her lifestyle and getting back to her old ways it sure has done wonders for her body!! Check her out in this picture from of her in her bikini while vacationing this week.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Keep Your Scent Longer...

Perfume Scent that is...
If you have problems keeping your perfume scent lasting past lunch time here are some tips that will keep your smelling pretty all day long!

"Spritz on fragrance immediately after showering. "Perfume absorbs better on damp skin," says Jan Moran, fragrance expert for Perfumania. And scent your hair- it holds on to aroma molecules even better than skin does. Shampoo with your perfume's matching shower gel, then use an unscented conditioner."

Source: Fitness Magazine, Leah Fitness beauty Director
Picture Source: Flickr

Sexy Motherpucker...

So this past weekend my friend Erin busted out her new lip gloss she bought from Target called Sexy motherpucker by Soap and Glory...she started explaining to me that it makes her lips feel like they are sleeping...hmmm...yes we were drinking but I had to see what she was talking I tried her Sexy Motherpucker lip gloss and after about 5 minutes my lips were completely numb! Now were they 10x's more plump/full like the lip gloss I definitely did not have instant Angelina Jolie lips maybe a slight plump but nothing incredibly noticeable...but it sure was an experience! Overall I wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for an extreme lip plumper but it does have an awesome name and the colors are great as the lip numbing experience is kind of fun! hehehe

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Clinique : New Free Gift With Purchase from Trina Turk at Nordstroms

“I’ve created a vibrant, floral cosmetics bag and paired it with must-have skin care and makeup

essentials from Clinique in one great gift. The shades go great with just about any daytime outfit and together it makes the perfect summer-time accessory.”—Trina Turk

May 20 through June 9, Clinique counters at Nordstrom stores nationwide (and are offering this supes gorge Trina Turk for Clinique Gift FREE with any purchase of $25 or more.

This gift bag is packed with some of my fave Clinique essentials:

  • Exclusive Trina Turk for Clinique Cosmetics Bag
  • Lash Doubling Mascara in black (A BBJ fave)
  • Different Lipstick in Tenderheart (my very first lipstick shade! It looks good on EVERYONE)
  • Blushwear Cream Stick in Rosy Blush (a new BBJ fave!)
  • Superfit Makeup (choose from three shades)
  • Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
  • Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Sunburst
  • Take The Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes & Lips
Trina Turk for Clinique Gift is available exclusively at Clinique counters at Nordstrom stores nationwide and online at

Source: Beauty Blogging Junkie

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Juice Your Looks

" A diet rich in vitamin C and linoleic acid (a fatty acid found in many vegtable oils) can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dryness and thinning skin, according to a study"

Source: Fitness Magazine

Get Your Head Examined

" Melanomas found on your scalp or neck almost double your risk of dying compared with those detected elsewhere on the body, report researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. Because they're often hidden by hair, malignant moles and other skin abnormalities are typically detected too late for treatment to be effective. "

Source: Fitness Magazine

Friday, May 8, 2009

Road ID Personal Identification Gear...

I was just looking at Beauty & Fitness Blog and was reading a post about the Road ID bracelet. Basically if you are a runner, hiker, biker, etc. like me this could one day save your life!

"The Wrist ID is the perfect piece of gear for every athlete. You can have it engraved with your emergency contact information which would make it extremely useful in an emergency situation, because accidents happen!"

A few weeks back I went running with a friend of mine and noticed she had this same bracelet. She is an avid runner and felt this was a must for her!

It’s available in six colors, black, blue, yellow, pink, purple, and red. And it's only $19.99! The bracelet has two 3M reflective stripes to enhance your visibility at night. Road ID also now offers interactive Road ID's where you can set up an online profile to fit all of your emergency information.

I will definitely be purchasing one soon...the big question is what color???

Click here to check out Road ID's website for more info.... Road ID

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Road to Healthy Skin Tour...

The Skin Cancer Foundation is putting on a Road to Healthy Skin Tour! It kicks off in early April and runs through the Fall. I know I'm going to try and catch them when they are in my area! I am in desperate need of a skin check! And it's free!

"The Skin Cancer Foundation's Road to Healthy Skin Tour presented by AVEENO® and Rite Aid -- which provides free full body skin cancer screenings and the latest skin cancer information -- will hit the road again this April. The tour will resume its course across the country making 80 stops at a variety of locations including participating Rite Aid stores. Although skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, it is also one of the most preventable and, when detected early, treatable forms of cancer. Yet, more than 10,000 people in the US die from skin cancer every year. “Many people don’t know that they should get a yearly skin exam. The goal of this tour is to educate the public about skin cancer and encourage people to schedule regular skin screenings,” said Perry Robins, MD, President of The Skin Cancer Foundation. “Caught in the early stages, skin cancer is almost always curable.” "

Click here to see scheduled dates... Road to Healthy Skin Tour Dates

Fashion Police...

I might have to make these Fashion Police pictures a regular thing...
I mean come on... Madonna, OK I except this from her but Rhianna she really surprised me here! Madonna what is with that hat!! And Rhianna seriously that tuxedo thing and those sleeves!!!

Source of pictures: Eonline

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What your lip balm says about you...

Hmmm this is very interesting...

Research shows that people with similar personalities prefer the same lip balm flavor

"Because personality and sense of smell develop at the same time, the scents and flavors we're drawn to could become tied to what makes us tick emotionally, says Alan Hirsch, M. D., neurological director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. Here's what your lip balm choices reveal about you:

Melon: The life of the party, you crave novelty.

Berry: Driven, a natural-born leader, charming.

Cherry: Hardworking and conscientious; a perfectionist.

Raspberry: Intelligent, success-oriented, and comfortable in any social situation.

Tropical: Adventurous and nonconforming; loved by many.

Strawberry-Banana: Reserved, logical, and intuitive. A team player "

Wait but I like them all!! What does that mean...I guess either I'm crazy or I'm just all these things wrapped into one sweet little :)

Source: Women's Health Magazine Blog

Why TV can make you Fat

"You already know you chow more while ­watching House, but eating in front of the TV also makes you snack more later, a study in the journal Appetite reports.

Female volunteers ate lunch one day while watching the tube and one day away from it. When offered cookies several hours after each meal, the women ate 20 percent more post–telly session.

TV watching may cause you to space about what you ate, leading to overeating, says lead study author Suzanne Higgs, Ph.D., of the University of Birmingham in England.

Can't avoid distractions? Snap a cell photo of your meal and refer to it before you slip into snack mode."

Source: Women's Health Blog

13 Must Have Mothers Day Gifts

For the Mom to Be
Pregnancy Pampering Collection by Belli Skin Care, $38.99

For the New Mom
Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy "Gift of Relaxation" kit, $35

For the Fragrance Fanatic
Calvin Klein Euphoria (If you spend $70 or more on Euphoria at Macy's you can send your mom an orchid from Calyx flowers for FREE!)

For the Skin Obsessed
DERMAdoctor Skin Basics Kit, $80

For the Makeup Maven
E.L.F. Gift Pack $25

For the Hair Obsessed
Osmotics FNS Follicle Nutrient 3-Step System, $93.50

For the Body-Care loving Mom
Jaqua Raspberry Buttercream Frosting Guilt Free Body Treats, $30

For the High Tech Mom
Clarisonic Skin Care System, $195

For the Low Maintenance Mom
The Boscia Normal to Dry Kit, $45

For the "Earth Momma"
Boxed Body Scrub Gift Set by 100% Pure, $35

For the Sporty Mom
Mission Skincare's Deluxe Bundle Kit, $49.99

For the Picky Mom
E.L.F. Custom Kit, prices vary but you can select all the products and the make up bag to put them all in!

So what are you going to get your mom???

To get more details on these products and see more must have buys for Mom check out the article on Total Beauty... 13 Must Have Buys For Mom

Jordana Brewster exercise tips...

Jordana Brewster has a smoking hot body if you don't believe me check her out in the new Fast and Furious movie! Here are her tips on staying fit...

She does cardio six days a week, with weight resistance in between. She also works with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak three times a week. She says she used to love to run, but since it hurts her knees she can’t do it anymore. So what’s just as effective? Putting the treadmill at an incline of 12 and climbing for 30 to 40 minutes.

She also believes in eating healthy six days a week. Then one day a week, she eats whatever she wants. For her that usually involves frozen yogurt with brownies on top.

And her advice to those of us who hate working out, take your brain somewhere else. She likes to watch Keeping up with the Kardashian’s as she works out. Anything to keep your mind off what you’re doing.

Source: Women's Health

Monday, May 4, 2009

Top 20 Beauty Do's and Don'ts (in two words or less)

There is no better time than the present to make sure your beauty routine is on track...

1. DON’T Fight Curls

2. DON’T Squeeze It

3. DO Use SPF

4. DO Blend Makeup

5. DON’T Tan

6. DO Exfoliate Weekly

7. DON’T Clump Lashes

8. DO Trim Regularly

9. DON’T Cover Freckles

10. DO Sleep Enough

11. DON’T Share Makeup

12. DO Curl Lashes

13. DON’T Pick Polish

14. DO Experiment

15. DON’T Over-bronze

16. DO Spritz Lightly

17. DON’T Over-pluck

18. DO Shape Brows

19. DON’T Over-anything

20. DO Be Confident

Source: Glamour Magazine

Friday, May 1, 2009

Free Gifts from Sephora...

Sephora has some great free gifts right now get them why you can!!

Swine Flu...

So by now everyone has heard of the swine flu which is so far has effected around 150 people. We all know that the media hypes up everything they can get their hands on. But what most of us don't know is that the regular common flu kills thousands of people every year! Of course there is cause for concern with the "swine flu" because it is the unknown but no need to panic at this time. Here are some tips to keep your immune system strong and hopefully keep that swine flu and any flu for that matter away!

  • Wash your hand with anti bacteria soap for at least 20 seconds often through out the day!
  • Keep Anti bacterial hand gel handy
  • Take vitamin C daily
  • Take a daily echinacea vitamin (these can be found at any drug store or health food store)
  • Make sure to catch up on your zzz's. Lack of sleep can leave you with a weak immune system. (Adults should have between 7-9 hrs of sleep a night)
  • Try and keep stress levels down. ( take deep breaths if you are feeling stressed! Yoga is always a GREAT stress reliever!)
  • Exercise! Not only a great de-stresser but also helps boost your immune system!

(Picture is from an email that was forwarded to me)


"Getting plenty of calcium and vitamin D can decrease your risk of developing a stress fracture by 20%. Active women should strive for 1,000 IU of D and 2,000 milligrams of calcium daily to keep their bones strong, experts say."

(*Fitness magazine, may issue)

Stress fractures can be a real pain!! They usually occur in athletes from unusual or repeated stress on weight bearing bones such as the tibia in your leg or your foot.

An old friend of mine who played soccer in college had one due to extensive practices and constant long distance running. He spent the last 3-4 weeks of his freshman season in a "boot" to heal the stress fracture.

Fashion Police...

Now even though I am a bit of a celebrity gossip addict I don't usually post anything on here gossip related but... I just couldn't resist this...check out Beyonce's outfit!!! I thought she had better style than this!!

I found this picture on on their front page under the Fashion Police section.

Wow she looks more like the rapper MIA or Madonna in the 80's than the self proclaimed Queen B or Sasha Fierce!

I really hope this style doesn't catch on!
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