Friday, September 25, 2009

Best Besuty Tips Of All Time Pt. 4

Tips Tips Tips!!!

D.I.Y. Hair SPF
Sun can be a major factor in your perfect hair color fading so it is important if you want to keep your hue to use SPF on your hair...that's right on your lovely locks!!
"Mist your hair with a mixture of equal parts water and sunscreen-it will keep color from fading and hair from drying out." - Giselle, N.Y.C. colorist

Fight Frizz
Humidity can really do a number on your hair. Have you ever seen the FRIENDS episode when the group goes to the Bahamas and Monica's hair is out of control!! I mean like a 70's Afro b/c she couldn't tame the Frizz!! If you have that problem...
"Try wrapping wet hair in a towel that's been soaked in ice cold water. this seals the shaft, so as hair dries, it will stay frizz free." - Ursula Stephen, N.Y.C. hairstylist

Keep Color Real
I hate when I pick out a lip color because I love the way it looks in the tube and then once I put it on my lips it looks a totally different shade! To solve that mishap Anthea King, N.Y.C. makeup artist recommends " lips with a touch of foundation before applying. That way, you start with a blank canvas and the color appears more true."

AMP Up Your Lash Curler
"Warm it with a blow dryer up to maximum of 3 seconds before using it on your lashes. The heat will open up the cuticle of the hair, boosting the curl."
- Christy Coleman, L.A. makeup artist
Be careful not to keep heat on the curler too long...I did that before and ended up slightly burning my eye lid...yes it was pretty painful...Beauty is a pain right :)

Bye Bye To Brassy Hair Color
"Wash with a mixture of grape Kool-Aid powder (just a pinch!) and four tablespoons of your regular shampoo. The purple blue cancels out the brassy gold orange in over processed hues because it's on the opposite side of the spectrum. " - Tippi Shorter

Reduce Redness
"Spritz a small amount of nasal decongestant on red areas to decrease the color in a flash. The spray, which lessens the inflammation that triggers nasal congestion, will do the same for a pimple." - David Bank


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