Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Best Beauty Tips of All Time Pt 6

If you thought all the tips were coming to an end you were wrong...there are still plenty to come!!

Attach False Lashes With Ease
"To get the clearest view of your upper lash line, hold a hand mirror below your chin and look down."
I also recommend applying eyelash glue along the bottom adhesive portion with a Q-tip and let dry for 30 seconds before putting on. Also make sure to apply your eyeliner before applying eyelashes and apply eyeliner thicker than normal so it will still show.

Thin Out Clumpy Mascara
"A drop of Coca-Cola will reinvigorate your mascara's consistency. The syrup in the soda adds just enough moisture without making it watery."
- Brett Freedman, L.A. Makeup Artist

Safeguard Skin
"Slather on sunscreen before every flight, and choose aisle over window seats. There's a greater level of UV rays at high altitudes than on ground." - Elissa Lunder
Wow I never thought about how UV rays can effect our skin while we are in a plane!

Heal Dry Hands
I'm not sure what is going on with my hand lately but they have been extremely dry and lotion just isn't cutting it! So if you are in the same boat as me...
"Rub the inside of a lemon directly onto the backside of your hands. Lemons have high concentrations of citric acid and vitamin C, which stimulate connective tissue production. The sting lasts a few seconds, but it's worth it."
- Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas
For extra fun use with a shot of Tequila...Just Kidding :)

Wake Up Tired Eyes

"Apply black mascara, then tip the ends of your lashes with a mascara in plum or navy to make the whites of your eyes look brighter."
- Brett Freedman, L.A. Makeup Artist

Prevent Acne

"Keep separate hair and face towels so the oil from your scalp doesn't cause breakouts."
- Amy Wechsler, N.Y.C. Dermatologist


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