Monday, August 17, 2009

Faith Hills Beauty Rules

Everyone has their own beauty rules... right? Timeless beauty & mother of 3 Faith Hill shares her set of beauty rules. By the way can you believe she is over 40?!?!

1. Forget a full face of foundation.
"I used to put on too much makeup when I did my own to try to re-create what makeup artists did. Now if I want coverage, I dab concealer on spots."

2. For eyes subtle is sexiest for day.
"Get an eyeshadow brush and apply an earth tone in the crease of the lids. Curl your lashes, then put on some mascara."

3. Avoid overly done waves.
"Use Velcro rollers with a dime-sized bit of product. Your hair will have body and won't look too curled. It's a non-do."

4. Trust your gut.
" It will allow you to be strong enough to reject everything that's thrown at you about how a woman should and shouldn't look."


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