Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Beckhams Even Share a Brow Expert!

So they say that after time a lot of couples begin to resemble one another (I know they say that about dogs and their owners too but we won't even get into that topic...lol). Well David & Victoria Beckham aka Posh are defiantly two beautiful human beings and I wouldn't exactly say that they look like brother and sister but there have been many reports of their identical beauty routines and now reports are they even share the same brow expert, Anastasia!! So before long who knows we may have a hard time telling them apart :) LOL

An "Insider" tells Life & Style Magazine...

" They love Anastasia's work. Victoria is a longtime client. She had her brows tweezed while David had his groomed. They both use brow gel, and Victoria also used Perfect Brow Pencil."

One thing I know for sure is it isn't crazy to hear that a couple goes to the same brow expert...my sister and her ex-boyfriend use to see the same brow expert too!! The funny thing with them was that their eyebrows looked a little too similar and they really were begining to look like brother and sister. LOL (Her brow expert's name is Wafa...my sister swears she is the best and has done wonder for her and a bunch of her friends brows.)


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