Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brooke Burke's secret to tight buns

I have always admired Brooke Burke...well admired might not be the word basically she was my idol for many years. I wanted to try out to be the new wild on host on E! many years ago, I bought Core Secrets by Gunnar Peterson just b/c she was the spokes person (Core Secrets is a great work out so it was worth it) and to top it off I had a poster of her in a Bikini hanging up in my apartment in college for inspiration for my roommates and me. Wow I guess now that I look back on it I was a bit obsessed with her. Well look at her who wouldn't be? Anyways... according to Celebrity Beauty Blog this is her secret...

"The mother of four swears by Sketchers Shape Up sneakers, which forces you to strengthen and tone your backside with it's innovative wedge design. So while Brooke's running errands with her kids or busing filming she can stay in shape without working out!"

"The sneakers which start at $90, are practically sold out everywhere-you'll be lucky if you can get your hands on a pair like Brooke's!"

So what if she used to be married to one of the best plastic surgeons around...she still has to work hard to look that hot. And now she is happily married to Baywatch babe David Charvet...what a hot couple they are! And did I mention she won Dancing with the Stars!


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