Friday, April 3, 2009

First Outdoor Run of the Season...

It was actually a beautiful day out here in Metro Detroit yesterday so my workout buddy convinced me to go for a run outside. I love running outside, it's so peaceful and there are actually some great trails around here too! But let me tell you even though I have been running a bit on the treadmill lately I wasn't as prepared as I thought to keep up with my buddy on the trails! She has been training for a 10K run that actually takes place this weekend in South Carolina...Major props to her!! So she was definitely kicking my butt out on the trails. But even though I couldn't exactly run at her pace it was great for me because it pushed me to keep going and stay focused. If I was out by myself I'm sure I wouldn't have gone the distance I did. So if you aren't motivated to hit the trails, grab a buddy and you can challenge each other!
My goal is to be able to run her pace by the end of the summer. Then we can really go on some intense runs together and I won't feel like I'm going to hurl over and throw


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