Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Date Impressions...

Women's Health Magazine put out a survey of Dating Data that is published in their April issue...

Check out some of the results...

Don't Bare it all
52% of guys say you don't need to flash a lot of flesh on the first date-they prefer to uncover it themselves ;)

Skip the Salad
66% want you to order the sirloin already!

Grab the Check
74% think it's a total turn-on when a woman insists on paying all or half the bill

Don't Hurry Love
91% Would rather have a second date-but no physical action-with a woman they're attracted to than a meaningless hook-up with a girl they won't see again

47% of men polled found incessant texting or phone calls during a date to be a bigger turnoff than checking out other guys.

Don't Sweat the Smooch
83% think you can have a great date even without a liplock


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