Friday, October 2, 2009

Win a Pair of Ugg Boots!!

Fall is now here and I know here in lovely Michigan it is getting pretty chilly!! We already had our first frost! Can you believe it!?! Well the first thing I love to bring out when the weather gets cool are my favorite pair of Ugg Boots! If you don't have a pair you are missing out because they are oh so comfy and warm!! I have really been eying a pair of black weave know the pair that looks like sweater material and have the cute buttons on the side...yeah that's the pair I want!
Well if a pair of Ugg Boots are on your wish list you are in luck!
They are giving away a pair of free boots from their Whooga collection...
Just click on the icon below to enter to win!!
pink ugg boots

Here is the pair of boots on my wish list ;) And if you are looking to get me a Birthday present (my birthday is Dec.23) or a Christmas present feel free to pick me up a pair in a 7 1/2 ;)


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