Friday, October 2, 2009

Best Beauty Tips of All Time Pt 8

So it's Friday the last day of the work week and the last day of Best Beauty Tips of All Time. It's been fabulous people but like they say all good things must come to an end. So I now present you the final 6 Best Beauty Tips of All Time from InStyle Makeover.

Recycle Cracked Powder
" Crush broken blush in a bowl- the back of a spoon will do the trick-until it's a fine powder, then blend with a lip balm for a perfect cream blush."
- Fiona Stiles, N.Y.C. makeup artist

Help Your Skin Turn Back Time
"Dip a washcloth in soy milk and rest it on your face for 10 minutes once a week. Soy is a skin brightener and contains phytoestrogen, a plant derived estrogen that is thought to help prevent wrinkles."
- Debra Luftman, L.A. Dermatologist

Get No Budge Shadow
" For a creamy eye shadow that won't crease, use waterproof eyeliner pencil. Draw over the eyelid, then blend with finger."
- Jake Bailey

Texturize Hair
" Clear liquid soap adds great body to hair. Plus, it comes out easily when you wash it out."
- David Babaii

Create Liquid Liner
" Add a few eyedrops to dark eye shadow. The drops are mess-free and sterile, which means you won't introduce dangerous bacteria into your makeup."
- Troy Surratt

Erase Nail Stains
" Soak fingers in denture cleaner for about three minutes. The liquid's oxidizing agents will help remove stains."
- April Foreman, L.A. manicurist


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