Friday, October 16, 2009

Celebrity Hair Mishaps

I think everyone has encountered some hair mishaps in their past. I know I have...when I was 15 I really wanted my hair cut like Courtney Cox...yes this was during the late 90's when the Friends hair craze was in full effect. Well I went to the salon and brought in a picture and the stylist cut my hair way too short! My hair was cut to my chin when before my hair was about an inch past my shoulders. I just wanted layers and maybe a inch or so off. Wow I was devastated I started balling my eyes out as soon as I got into the car! Since I was a Freshman in high school and did not want to show off my new hair until I could figure something out I stayed home from school the next day obsessing about how I was going to do my hair until it grew back! Needless to say everything turned out fine and my life wasn't over becuase of my

Well celebrities are just like us and a few of them shared their hair mishaps of the past too.

Jessica Biel
"When I was 17, I cut my hair up to my ears. It was a blunt cut all the way around and I used to hairspray it until it was stiff. When I look back, I'm like 'Ugh!"

Anne Hathaway
She said that when she was younger she asked to have layers cut into her hair and the stylist cut the back all one length and left the two pieces in front long -like utters! Anne said 'It was horrible, but I kept a brave face, I even tipped her."

Halle Berry
Halle said that back in the 80s it was all about big hair and lots of make up and trying to look older than you were. Halle has said that she looks younger now at 42 than she did when she was 20! Halle said that back in 1994 she had a feathered hair do that she said looked like a backwards mullet!

Megan Mullally
Megan was a victim of the 80s perms! After so much chemical abuse she said that her hair was the color of a dead leaf!

Jane Krakowski
During her years on Ally McBeal actress Jane Krakowski had what she called a "tragic cut" saying someone convinced her to cut her hair like Ronald McDonald!


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