Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lauren Conrad's Style Tips

Sure Lauren is off the Hills now but that doesn't mean she doesn't still have killer style! Since finally having some privacy and not running around in the faux reality series she is now dedicating her time to her true passion...Fashion!
Lauren recently shared with People Magazine some of her top style tips...

#1 Wear Neutral Colors
"I really like color, but I tend to gravitate toward neutrals. For my new line (now at Khols) we wanted to do really good basics that have a more relaxed fit."

#2 Wear Something Belted On A "Fat" Day

"I'll wear something oversize but belted, because you have room in there but you have a waist. If I put on a big balloon outfit I'll just go and eat more that won't make me feel any better."

#3 Make Jeans and Heels Your Go-To Date Outfit

"I don't go on fancy dates. My dates are the casual sushi and a movie, so it's normally jeans. It's nice to have that feminine look but not like you're trying too hard."

#4 Lauren's Signature Fashion Trick Is To Shorten Her Minis

"I have short legs, so I have the tailor take them up another inch."


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