Monday, October 5, 2009

Kim & Khloe's Slim Down Secrets

Most of us have already heard all the buzz about Kim Kardashian's slim down but now her sister Khloe has slimmed down too. Maybe that wedding of hers was in the works longer than we thought and that just could have been her inspiration. Well either way they both look great and have said that together they have lost a total of 35 lbs!! Here are some of their slim down secrets they shared with Life & Style Magazine..

Kim: "I don't deprive myself of what I want. Sometimes I feel like a milk shake, I have one."
Kim uses QuickTrim weight loss supplement to curb her appetite.

Khloe: Loves to break a sweat and relies on her favorite work out... "Boxing is my favorite. I could do it for hours and just drip sweat. I love knowing I've lost a million calories- and also it's a stress reliever. When I don't swear I get irritated, i need to sweat to know I did something."

That's my philosophy you didn't work hard unless you broke a sweat. The funny thing is boxing suits her perfectly...on both of her reality shows she is always trying to beat up on her sister Kourtney and it does seem like she has a lot of built up anger. Good for her for channeling it the right way!

Kim says you need to stay focused on the goal, "You have to dedicate yourself. You have to motivate yourself. Get a buddy- do anything you have to do." Kim added that it took her four months to get on schedule with a regular routine!

Check out these before and after shots...

Before After


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