Thursday, March 19, 2009

Forget the Rat Tail...

For those of you who love to give your hair extra volume or a "poof" and use a rat tail comb to do so...I have a new Tool for you!
My sister Krista the hair stylist told me about a comb they use at her Salon (Glitz NXT in Orion Township) to really give you a good Poof or Tease, it actually has three rows! I will tell you this thing works wonders!! I have Fine and Thick hair so it's hard for me to get volume and keep it for that matter so I have to tease my hair to give it umph and this thing really does the trick.
You can find this comb at Sally beauty supply for under $3.00. They have it listed on their website for $2.29.
I am including a picture of the comb so you can get a better idea what it looks like as well as a picture of me after I get done ratting my hair... before I tame it down!!
After you use this comb the only thing the rat tail comb is good for is separating the hair while teasing.


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