Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dry Up Zits Fast!!

Even though I am in my 20's and supposedly you aren't supposed to break out anymore...from time to time I still do!! I tried pro-active for a while and it did work great but I hated the cost so I discontinued it a couple years ago. I especially loved their refining mask and was trying to find something comparable to it. Well I happened to come across a mask by Queen Helene called a Mint Julep Mask. Yes...Mint Julep like the famous Kentucky Derby drink ; ) I found it at CVS and it was under $4.00!!! It dries out my zits and makes my skin feel really smooth. It's a thick green mask, and it is a little minty, you leave it on for about 20 minutes and then rinse off. It contains a lot of the same ingredients as in the pro-active refining mask...most noticeably the sulfur...which I think is the kicker to really drying out your zits.
*It works best when you first feel a pimple forming.
*Try to moisturize after you use the mask it can make your skin feel a little dry after using it. *Remember try not to pick!!!

I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a skin pick me up!

Yes that is me wearing the Mask! LOL


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