Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Review: Clinique Even Better

Unfortunately after quiet a few years being out in the sun even my olive tone skin still has some sun damage...and I'm only 27! Boo... But I have been on the look out for a product that will help even out my skin tone. So I did some research on what the new hot product was and came across Clinique Even Better and here is my review...

What Clinique says:

"Now you can virtually undo the visible signs of past sun damage, dark patches, age spots, even acne scarring. Starting in just 4 weeks.
... a lightweight serum that gently creates-for all ethnicities- a notably more even complexion with a brightness and clarity you thought long gone."

What I say:

After 4 weeks of applying the serum twice in the morning before putting make up on and one in the evening before I went to bed, I really didn't notice much of a difference. They provide you with a skin tone card and you are suppose to compare from day one until the end of 4 weeks...especially with any dark spots you are focusing on. It comes in a pretty small bottle and cost $40. (So there is barely a 4weeks supply and it is pricey.) It definitely left my skin feeling smooth after I put it on. It is a great primer for foundation! But I also have very sensitive skin, so I am prone to breakouts...and yes this did make me break out. I know some products work better for some than others so I am not saying this product is a total failure it just didn't work well for me. I am very disappointed because I was really excited to try it out especially since it was a beauty award winner! Maybe if I used a bit more of the serum each day it would have worked better but then it definitely wouldn't have lasted me 4 weeks. So overall not the best skin tone corrector but a great foundation primer!


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