Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Don't Forget to Trim Your Luscious Locks

Let me tell you I am in desperate need for a hair cut!! I haven't had it cut since the end of February!! It is driving me crazy since it's at the point that my hair won't even keep any style right now...and the humidity around here isn't helping any!! sister is a hairstylist and I should not be having a problem of being behind on haircuts but this thing called buying a new home has gotten in the way of my normal beauty routine lately...Ahhh crazy I know. Well I do have my sister coming over tomorrow to give me a little trim...I'm trying to grow out my bangs. Oh and the other day when my sister came by to check out my new house...which she did bring her scissors to cut my hair... but... I got caught up unpacking :( ...anyways this is what she says to me... " Jenny how come every time I see you lately you look horrible!". Thanks sis... Trust me all I want is some free time for a haircut, some sun...(b/c I have never been this pale in my life!!!) a little mani pedi and some major beauty sleep! I'm praying this can all happen this weekend!!

So don't follow my lead with waiting to get your hair cut. It's best to cut your hair frequently. It is better to trim a minimal amount of hair often that it is to cut off a whole lot once a year as your hair stays in healthier condition. You should get a trim at least every 3 months. Plus you avoid split ends that can make hair frizzy!!

Note: The pic is actually from March a couple weeks after I got my haircut but just an example of how crazy my hair is...hehehe
In my "horrible"state I wouldn't post a current pic of me... lol :)


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