Friday, April 23, 2010

Reese Witherspoon Favorite Products

Reese Witherspoon is always looking fabulous weather she is on the red carpet or seen running around with her kids. She is one woman who is a natural beauty. But of course everyone needs a few beauty products in her life. Reese shared her favorite products with OK! Magazine.

Reese is a self proclaimed girly girl who loves makeup but she likes a simple routine to go with her working mom life style. Reese says “She likes to keep things quick and easy so I can be up and out in 5 minutes.”

Avon's Anew Clinical Eye Lift, $28

“I am quite taken with this. It make so much sense to package a cream for the under eye area with a tightening gel for your eye lids.”

Glazewear Lip Gloss, $6

“It’s my favorite and I carry it with me at all times. I love Glazewear.”

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, $5.49 (

Reese says she uses this because it makes her hair soft and shiny.”


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