Thursday, April 22, 2010

Go Green and Save Green on Earth Day!

Did you know Earth Day turns 40 this year? I didn’t realize it’s been around that long…it’s actually pretty refreshing. The company I work for has been celebrating all week. We have “Green Week” and each day is a different activity. For each activity you participate in you get a raffle ticket and you can enter to win trees. We even changed our company website to green this week. Well, we aren’t the only company celebrating Earth Day. Many companies are offering discounts today in honor of this very special day.

Orgins is offering a trade-in program today only. Bring one of your current skin-care product bottles- empty or full from any brand- to an Orgins counter and receive a free full-size cleanser. Choose from Checks and Balances Frothy face wash or Perfect World antioxidant cleanser with white tea. is offering up to 40% off products from it’s “Green and Natural” store through April 23

Evos is giving away free organic milkshakes served in biodegradable cups on Earth Day. The healthy fast-food chain has locations in California, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.

Gain free admission into all 392 U.S. national parks now through Sunday, April 25.

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