Thursday, May 28, 2009

Keeping Up with Kim Kardashian...

I don't know about you but I think Kim Kardashian is BEAUTIFUL! I guess I have a bit of a girl crush...but how can't you she always has great hair, skin and perfect makeup! And I have been desperately wanting to know some of her beauty secrets...well I stumbled across an interview she did with the blog Spoiled Pretty and Kim shares some of her beauty and fashion secrets as well as her favorite beauty products!

How to get Kim K skin?
Kim says she loves using CellCeuticals Skin Care products, and she makes sure to moisturize all of the time!

How to get Kim K hair?
Kim says " I always change my shampoos and conditioners, anything from Finesse to Pantene. I also don't wash my hair everyday so that it stays thick and healthy."

What is Kim K's daily beauty routine?
Kim says " If I'm having a casual day, i put on tinted moisturizer and some blush and I'm ready!"

Kim K's #1 Beauty secret!?!?
She always makes sure to use a MAC wipe or an Oil of Olay facial cloth to wipe off all of her makeup before she goes to bed!

How to get Kim K lips?
Kim says " My favorite lipstick is NARS Belle DeJour- it's the perfect nude! My favorite lip liner is MAC Stripdown and I love MAC Gloss in Instant Gold.

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Source: Spoiled Pretty


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