Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Forget Expensive Eye Creams...2 in one product!

This terrible Michigan winter weather is really getting to me! My skin is really dry especially under my eyes. I was using some heavier face lotions and eye creams but they weren't really taking care of the dryness under my eyes. So... I decided to try Aquaphor. I had a tube of it that I use from time to time when my hands get really dry and since it's petroleum based it always does the trick. I figured I would give it a shot; I have been applying it all around my eyes before I go to bed. It is a little greasy so I would only recommend it before bed. So far it is the only thing that has helped my under eye dryness. Plus the petroleum base helps condition my eyelashes (just be sure not to get any in your eyes). So it's like a 2 in one product! My skin is very sensitive and I haven't had any breakouts or any other problems so far. I figure if it does start to irritate my skin in any way I will just switch to Vaseline. But so far so good!


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