Friday, February 12, 2010

Celebrity Skin Care Secrets

You don't have to be blessed with great genes to have great skin...

Rachel Bilson is a huge fan of the La Mer skin care line. She says it’s the best investment she’s ever made (at $130 per ounce!). Her most important beauty trick besides moisturizing is to never go to bed with your makeup on!

Dita von Teese claims to rely on her dermatologist and their products for her smooth fair skin. She is also a fan of the oh so fabulous La Mer skin care line.

Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively says after a long day of filming she has to completely clean her face of all makeup and product. Blake washes her face with Patricia Wexler’s Foaming Face wash, which she claims completely cleared up her skin.

Emily Blunt likes to keep it natural and relies on an old family secret to moisturize her skin. She slathers on Olive Oil occasionally for deep moisturizing.


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