Friday, March 26, 2010

Supermodel Beauty Tips from Cindy Crawford

After all these years Cindy Crawford at 44 yrs old is still STUNNING!

She recently met up with InStyle magazine to share some of her secrets that keep her looking naturally beautiful. Even though many people may think she just wakes up looking beautiful Cindy promises she doesn’t wake up looking picture perfect- but she does use simple tricks to enhance her beauty without looking overdone.

These are some of her beauty tips…

The trick to perfect lips

Cindy says it’s important to not skip lip liner. To do her lips she starts by moisturizing with a balm and then lines them with a flesh toned pencil to enhance the natural shape of her lips. For a youthful look she wears a nude color – but is sure to not wear a color that is too light or will wash her out, preferably beigy-pinks that are a shade darker than her skintone.

Cindy’s bonus lip tip: To make lips look fuller dab a bit of shimmer powder on the “widow’s peak” of your lip to make lips look fuller.

Get Microdermabrasion

Even with the best and most expensive skincare products, you just can’t get the same results as you can with Microderm. Cindy says she gets Microderm once a month to remove dead skin cells and in between treatments she uses a gentle scrub pad to get all the makeup out of her pores.

Find your perfect hair color

“People always talk about plastic surgery and Botox, but I think the right hair color, more than anything else, is what keeps a woman looking youthful.” Cindy suggests taking photos of your hair in different lighting to see what looks best, and aim for dimension – not flat color.

Cindy spoke to US Weekly recently to share with them how she continues to look beautiful and happy!
She said "It's a combination of a lot of things. I don't smoke, I don't take too much sun on my face- all of those things. If you keep doing them enough over the years, they add up."
"It's not that I work out every day and I'm not even on a diet- I just eat healthy. I'm never off the wagon, so I never have to get back on the wagon. It's all about maintaining a healthy body weight."
Cindy also told US weekly: "If you're happy and you're doing work that you enjoy- for me it's about being a mother- that comes out in how I look." Cindy went on to say " When you don't have anything interesting to do, you start thinking too much about what you don't have anymore. When you appreciate fulfilling things like family, work, friends, or the possibility of helping other people, you will have a focus. The list could go on. But to be standing in front of a mirror and to moan, Oh my God, I've just found another wrinkle! That's embarrassing. I don't have time for that."
Oh Cindy you are just perfect :) 


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