Monday, January 4, 2010

Kris Jenner's Beauty advise...passed down to her daughters

No doubt Kris Jenner passed down her genes to her gorgeous daughters but did she pass down her beauty advice too???? According to people magazine she did just that to her daughters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe...and at a very young age too!

Kim explains that when her mother Kris was a stewardess all the ladies she worked with would take beauty classes at Saks Fifth Avenue and she learned to take her makeup off with a hot washcloth. Kris made sure to pass down that beloved secret to her girls and now they all use hot washclothes to take off their makeup. (If you watch Keeping up with the Kardashians you will see the girls do this queit a bit.) Kris's other secret to maintaining great skin is to always moisturize!

Kourtney explains how when she was in 4th grade her mom taught her how to shave. I told you she started these girls on beauty routines at a young age...but I guess it paid off! Kourtney said her mom bought her and her sisters sterling silver razors with little stands. She would also take the girls to get their arms waxed!!


Terry Bayer said...

How's that for a family of gorgeous women? Celebrities sharing their beauty tips and secrets are not uncommon at all, especially that they value the beauty of the woman. We even see a handful of them still beautiful even as they age. And now that beauty can be retained thanks to modern methods like facelifts and natural ways like tea and Vitamin C, the Kardashians' awesome beauty will surely last!

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