Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Add Luster to Locks

Found in January's issue of Fitness Magazine.

"Brushing heat styling and coloring cause the hair cuticle to lift and reflect less light. Kim Vo, a stylist in Los Angles, suggests mixing a palm-size amount of deep conditioner, a shot glass of vodka and five drops of your favorite essential oil. "The alcohol lowers the hair's pH, encouraging the cuticle to close, while the oil offers instant shine," he says. Comb the mixture through dry hair (water-logged strands soak up less of the ingredients) and rinse after 20 minutes."

I'm defiantly going to try this one...I have never thought of using a shot of Vodka in my hair. Hey if you have had a stressful day pour two shots of Vodka, one for your hair for shine and one for yourself to de-stress :)


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