Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Biotin the Miracle Vitamin

After years of wearing acrylic nails I decided to break them all off and start growing out my nails so I could have nice natural nails. Well this was quite the process for me, every time I would get them just about the length I wanted them they would start chipping and breaking. So then I would have to file them all down and start over. This was becoming a real pain...so I went to my sister Krista who was just finishing up Cosmetology school at the time and she started telling me about a vitamin they learned all about in school.
The vitamin is called Biotin and it helps with the growth of hair and nails. I figured I would try it out it only cost a few dollars and it was carried at all the local drug stores and even Target, and Walmart. After a few weeks I really started noticing a difference not only with my nails but my hair too!!

I now have been religiously taking Biotin supplements since that day and I have to say my nails and hair grow like CRAZY! My nails are stronger than ever and my hair is actually thicker than it has ever been before too! I have been telling my friends about this vitamin for a while now so for those of you I have already informed if you haven't bought it already... do it now. But for anyone else that Krista or myself haven't told yet I just wanted to spread the word. And NO I am not selling this vitamin I just really love it!

For those of you who always forget to take their vitamins one thing that has helped me remember is to keep the bottle in my desk drawer at work and take my vitamins right after lunch.


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